Cubase 8 AI Registration problem

Hello, I’ve bought a UR12 a few days ago and decided to install the Cubase 8 AI that comes with it on my laptop.
All good. Then tried to install it on my work MacBook to see how it behaves on a mac. Obviously, after installing it I tried to register it with the same activation code and it said it was already used.
I read through the docs / knowledge base, tried every solution there to no avail.

It seems that I need to reactivate it, but it doesn’t show up on MySteinberg account. I tried registering the soft eLicenser (from my laptop, which had the AI 8 license), it told me just “This eLicenser is obsolete.”

Then I tried uninstalling the eLicenser and installing it through the helper in the docs. It worked, in the sense that it erased all my licenses and made a new soft eLicense ID.

Now I can’t install or use Cubase AI 8 and I can’t find any relevant contact in the Support section.

How can I get my license back?


If you submit a new support request through your MySteinberg account, the support team for your country can assist with the reactivation. If the UR12 is not already registered, please include the serial number (found at the bottom of the interface) so they can register it for you. Please make sure once you activate your new license that you register your soft eLicenser in your MySteinberg account. If this is done, you can reactivate the product yourself. Regarding re-activation in the future, please review the following support page:

Thank you.

I sent an e-mail to the e-mail address listed there for Romania (which I was stupid enough to set in my account and can’t change now, I bought the UR in Germany anyways) a few days ago and I got not answer.

It also looks fishy (, does Hotmail even exist anymore?), but hey, maybe I’m just too suspicious.

It’s sad cause I was thinking of buying Cubase arist/full of I got used to the workflow, but now I think I should look for alternatives

So I guess support is only available for USA and such?