Cubase 8 and Keystation Pro 88


So I recently bought a second hand Keystation Pro 88, mainly for upgrading to a bigger keybed and also, to get myself out of this Automap rut from Novation. The weird thing is, that I can’t seem get the learn function working in Generic Remote.
This was no problem with my previous keyboard, a Novation Impulse.

  • I go to Devices - Device Setup
  • Click on the +, and select Generic Remote
  • Select the Keystation Pro in MIDI Input and Output (I’ve also tried setting only the input)
  • Activate Learn, click a controller and move a parameter on the keyboard.
  • Nothing happens.

Before when I did this, immediately the new parameter (“Address”-value if I remember correctly) changed to the corresponding parameter on the keyboard. With the Keystation Pro, it doesn’t.

I can see from the MIDI Activity meter in Cubase that it reacts to any and all parameters on the keyboard, so why wouldn’t it respond in Device Setup?!


I found a post about it after using the search function in the forum instead of Google :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently, you have to hit Apply after selecting the MIDI Input, otherwise it won’t read from the selected MIDI channel.

Now, I have another problem; which is that not all parameters are registered by Cubase.
It seems very random which ones; pots 1-10 work, and then 11-16 doesn’t, 17-20 works and 21-24 doesn’t.
Their value changes on the keyboard’s display, but there is no input signal in Cubase.

I tried running Midi-Ox to check if it reads the input, but I only get memory-errors on it.

I’ve tried to my best ability to check/change the midi channels on the parameters, but I’m very unfamiliar with MIDI channel setup and such, is there something I’m doing wrong? As of now, I’ve set all controllers to ch01. I also tried ch00. It seems that Cubase automatically changes the MIDI channel in Learn mode (specifically in the Generic Remote setup screen), so I don’t see what the MIDI channel should even be a problem…