Cubase 8 and Remote Desktop

Is there any way to make Remote Desktop work again?

Will there be a solution for this in the future?

Remote Desktop was such a great way to carry Cubase around without the need of a powerful (noisy) laptop. A few cables and a simple laptop and everything was mobile with a house.

Do I need to buy a new laptop and a USB Audio interface just to just to carry Cubase around?

I would like to get back my old way of doing things. Audiointerface with long ADAT cables in a rack that I could move around and a laptop with full access to my big i7 computer including the UAD DSP card. I would lose all this. A powerful laptop has a noisy fan, no UAD plug-ins, expensive second set of SSDs for samples and the need of a second audio interface. And even with a new audio interface I would lose the connection to my hardware synth rack that is directly connected to my big computer.

There must be a solution.

Why wouldn’t Remote Desktop work in 8?

There are other remote desktop tools than Microsofts.

The problem is already known:

The question is, will it work when both systems are Windows 8. And if not, will Windows 10 be the solution?

Are those other remote desktop tool better or worse the the standard Window Remote desktop. It’s bad that the standard is not working.

But do you have any recommendation for a good alternative?

teamviewer 10 supports aero desktop
its free
anything that uses a mirror driver disables aero during session resulting in cubase 8 wont run
untill other remote control app developers get with the program this is the only one ive found


@bemi - yes afaik it displays whatever resolution the remote is set for regardless of local settings. easiest to try it out see if it works for you.

Can TeamViewer work with a different display resolution on the client. My main computer has 1280x1024 and the remote system is/will be 1366x768 / 1980x1080 or even higher. So can TeamViewer switch to a differen display resolution when working from the remote computer?