Cubase 8 and Yamaha 01v96i

Just wondered if anyone has this combination working on win 7 in 64bit.
I know studio manager does not work with 01v96i as there are no 64 bit interface for the 01v96i but in cubase 7.5 you could keep studio manager open on the task bar and switch between them quite easily, but in cubase 8 after about 30 minutes lots of clicks and pops and the only way to eliminate the clicks and pops is to close studio manager.
Have been in touch with Yamaha who tell me it is a cubase problem and for me to raise a support ticket, But alas there does not seem to be support for me in my country (Philippines).

Very interesting information, cause I thought to buy Yamaha 01x console for Cub8, and I see that it’s not one such post about studio manager.

This problem has been confirmed by yamaha who say the fault is
in cubase and should be fixed in the next update.
Just be aware there is no studio manager 64 bit editor for the 01v96i

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I run the O1V96 with a RME card. I’m considering upgrading to the 01V96i and bypass the RME completely.

I can only record @ 96 kHz > 4 X ADAT channels on the O1V96 and need more Inputs.

1 ) So how is the O1V96i working with Cubase 8.0.10 ?

2 ) Maybe I can bypass my ASIO Spikes by bypassing the RME and solve this too ?

  1. Is the latency more or less at the same buffer size over the RME than the “i” ?

  2. Is ASIO Guard working with the “i” ?

    PS: I know the DANTE card with O1V96 can solve my input problems but the internal effects in the O1V96i seems mouth-watering…and makes the setup simpler ( I hope ). I’m not so worried about the quality of the Preamps > I use mainly Millennia Preamps.

Suggestions will be appreciated !




Cubase 8.10 is now working fine with the 01v96i no problems.
Cubase reports a round trip latency of around 9.5 miliseconds my machine spec is about the same as yours, i7 3.4
I have had complaints from drummers who can feel the delay but cannot hear it. So keep the RME and wait for a fix.
There is still no 64 bit program for the 01v96i so you have to run it in the task bar and this now works fine, studio manager will not run inside Cubase with the 01v96i in 64 bit.
As for the internal effects yes they are good although I only tend to use the comps and gates on recordings

Thx for the reply !!

Really helped. :smiley:

  1. Is ASIO Guard working with it ?

2 ) And UAD ?

Sorry can’t comment on uad as I don’t have them
Asio guard not a problem mine is on and set to normal
Ps. My latency figure of 9.5 is based on a setting of 64 samples in 01v96i interface which is the lowest setting

Running at 96 kHz ?

Not bad at all :sunglasses:

Would like to know whether the DANTE card and system gives better performance. Will research this a bit. :bulb:

Just bought the O1v96i > very glad I did !!!

I bypassed my RME now completely and use the O1V96i mixer > Yamaha Steinberg USB AUDIO driver.

No more spikes whatsoever running huge projects at 256 and as low as 128 with ASIO Guard ON. No issues whatsoever !

Cause I only use 1 AD/DA converter in the chain my sound also improved @ 96kHZ.

Thx for the help !

I have been having problem in operating the 01v961 from my and because I have not been able to do that. I have listed the mixer for sale. Hope you can help. Could be that I have been trying to use the 64bit one. Thanks for this information.

I need your help in making use of mine please. I cant find the signal on my pc. Please help.