Cubase 8 Artist - No External FX Sends?

Hi all,

Long time Cubase user, first time poster. I’m getting back to doing some recording after a fairly long hiatus, and refreshing myself with the interface and capabilities. I am looking to use an external compressor and am having difficulty routing as a physical FX channel so that I can monitor just the wet signal in real time without having to print it to another track.

I don’t even see the option in Cubase Artist 8 to add an external fx track and route accordingly. Is that functionality not present in the version I am using? Is that maybe something strictly in the Pro or in later versions? I have a license for Artist 8.5 but I uninstalled it because it was creating havoc when I did the update a few years ago.

Thanks in advance!

Hi buddy, did you try with the custom options (in menu)? I guess that work pretty much well/

External fx tracks are not available in any version. And the external Fx feature is not available in Cubase Artist.

Cubase Pro only, correct?


Hey man,

can you explain this in a bit detail please? Because I am not that much technical.

What exactly? The fact that the feature is not available in Cubase artist?