Cubase 8 artist remixing .wav song made in my roland synth

I had imported my .wav song from my roland synth to cubase artist and now i want to down the volume at specific moment and record it. I dont know how to do it and the preseting. Please help me. Thanks.

Hi you,

what you ask is very, very Basic. Are you familiar with audio-recording? Did you have a glimps into the Manual?

So far…

Well, still: Now that you see your imported Audio on one or two tracks (audio-tracks) - do you? _ I suggest you enable write-automation on them and Play back the song. When you reach the part that you want to lower in volume, simply move the fader(s) down and if needed back again. The “write-automation” will reflect all of your volume-fader changes.
When you Play back the song now with the written Automation (i.e. for playback “read Automation” has to be enabled) the volume faders will move automatically.

To “record” this now “modified” song you can Export the Audio. Only prerequisite is that the tracks are routed to an Output channel, which does NOT have to be connected to any port of your Audio Interface (but it may).



thanks for this.

I just want to know if i can reinitialize cubase 8 artist and if i can how to do it.


I am not comletely sure what you mean when you say “reinitialize”. But: If you want to “start from scratch” the easiest way is to do a new install of cubase. Simply start the Installation Routine again. The installer will ask you which component you want to reinstall. Chose all.

Cheers, Ernst

yeah but if i do that i dont want my cubase dont work anymore you know with the e lisenser and the inscription of the software on i dont want to do the reinstall if i am not sure.

Hi, I understand.

I did re-installs quite often and there never has been any issue with the license. Be Aware that once you did the first Installation successfully your dongle will hold the license, no matter how often you install cubase. You may even install it on more than one Computer. You are only limited in usage: To run cubase on any of these computers later the dongle has to be connected to the machine in use.

BR, Ernst

Thanks for this information.

I need to buy an audio external card and it must be compatible with windows 8.1

yeah a lot of audio external cards does nt have driver compatible with windows 8.1
I have cubase 8 artist.
And i want a good suggestion, i have 250 $ so which one is the best for this prize.


Hi you,

I really love to help you. Here is one advise: Your chances to get a variety of good answers to your specific questions rise dramatically if you use the Forum in the way it is intended to be used: Place a new Topic with your specific question!

(In this thread noone would assume to find a question about Audio Interfaces)

Concerning this question: Presonus and RME is what i am working with. I am more than happy especially with the RME-stuff. You should specify your Needs: How many Inputs, how many Outputs (for simultanuous use), Do you Need microphone Inputs, etc. etc.

Cheers, Ernst

See here:

Hey elien i need the number of output for connecting a synths roland FA06 and maybe a microphone a guitar and a bass and an AKAI (but not necesseraly for simultaneous use) and i want to connect headphone obviously.
And compatible with windows 8.1