Cubase 8 ASIO Driver not running

Hi, I have been having some problems connecting my ZOOM R16 with Cubase.

In the device setup menu at the VST Audio System section, I select my ZOOM R16 driver as indicated in the setup. From here it seems everybody has no problem after, but I am not able to record. When I click record it says “ASIO Driver not running”. When I click the driver selected underneath the VST Audio System section, it shows an empty box with no ports, and Input and output latency are just a bunch of question marks.

When I check the playback devices on my computer, the ZOOM is visible, and everything is disabled except for it in the playback and recording. I have it plugged in via USB cable in the back of my computer where the soundcard is (not sure if that would even matter) and have even tried multiple cords and USB ports to no avail. I have even reinstalled the drivers on multiple occasions, still nothing.

Am I missing something here? I am not sure what to do to fix this problem as it seems no one seems to have this problem.