Cubase 8 - Bounce In Place?

Hi everyone,

Can someone please explain to me where this Bounce in place feature is in cubase 8?

I looked everywhere in the key commands section, macros and cannot seem to find it?

I just want to bounce several audio tracks in to one channel like on min 5.54 in this tech tip video:


It’s in the Cubase>Edit>Render In Place menu.

If I remember correctly it is available only in the Pro and Artist versions.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I suspect he’s just using export audio mixdown.

The locators are set to determine the part length and he has soloed the tracks he wants so nothing else is included so export audio mixdown would certainly give this result (make sure no master bus FX are active unless you want them included)

Actually I was thinking RIP was introduced in 8.5 but on checking it was in C8 already so Prock is probably spot on. You just need to set the Render settings first to mixdown to one track as by default it’s set to keep them separate.

Thanks guys!