Cubase 8 Crash during VST Rescan

Hey there,

I’m trying to resolve a cubase crash that I have on 2 computers.
I discovered recently why some of my plugins weren’t appearing in cubase as they had done in logic (just moved to cubase a few months back). The issue was the necessity to manually direct cubase to the components folder and so on. Now when I did this I attempt the rescan but every time I rescan with the new paths selected it will start the scan and then crash with no reason 2 seconds later.

To troubleshoot this I tried the same process on my laptop as well as my mac tower. I also tried removing all the plugins within the newly selected folders and steadily adding them (to try and determine if there was a buggy one) with the rescan, but when I did this cubase detected no new plugins at all. I checked the cubase 8 plugins black list and nothing was in there and also tried deleting the plugins xml file and trying to get cubase to scan upon start up with no such luck…

Any idea’s?

I’ve updated to the latest version of cubase 8 and I’m running a mac tower 2012 model and a 2012 macbook pro both on mountain lion (10.8.5)…