Cubase 8 crashed now Aero Theme issues


I Cubase 8 forced me to choose an Aero Theme in order to open up. I did that. Cubase worked beautifully. I started recording a test session with a buddy doing vocals, next thing you know, it crapped out on me and froze. Received a display error and on my windows. I shut down C8 and opened C7. No problems. Restarted my comp and now im back to my basic theme prior to changing to an Aero theme and now my Windows doesn’t allow me to change back to an Aero theme. I wont get into a bitch fest about why this is even a requirement. I just want some help if anyone experienced this today or ever with Windows not allowing you to change to Aero theme. I downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card but nothing. Thanks

I had to turn hardware acceleration off in firefox as aero was crashing with FF and C8 open. So you might check that.

If you search online I found a bat file that will restart the aero theme but C8 still acts a little buggy after using it.