Cubase 8 crashes a lot on exit

Cubase 8 is crashing a lot. after closing and saving a session and when it comes to quit, it crashes and never closes till i go to task manager and end the task…the task manager always shows 75 processes and cpu is 12% and cubase not responding…im using win7 64bit i7 cpu 16gb ram.

Same thing sometimes happens here, with Cubase 7.5.4 64-bit, on Windows 7 pro: no problem closing files, but asking Cubase to close often results in a ‘hang’ situation that lasts for anywhere up to a minute. During this time, my USB ports are turned off and on (with concommitant Windows sounds for same). My only recourse is to use Task Manager to “end task”. At other times, Cubase closes in seconds, with no problems.

I’ve asked my local tech support person about this, and he explains that this is normal Cubase behaviour: when being asked to close, Cubase checks to make sure that there is nothing remaining connected to the computer’s USB ports. How long this takes depends on many factors: eg, how long it’s been since Cubase checked those ports, how many (and which) plugins are used by the current project, etc. This tech support person is very experienced and savvy, but I somehow find it hard to believe that behaviour normally associated with antique versions of Windows is “normal Cubase behaviour”.

I would really welcome some feedback on this from those of you who are very experienced with Cubase (thru numerous versions): can you kindly either corroborate my tech support person’s explanation, or direct me toward different explanations and (hopefully) possible solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Have you searched the Cubase 8 forum? This is the CB 7 forum.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the heads-up, Prock. I’d done a forum-wide search for the topic of Cubase crashing/freezing, and had simply responded to the poster’s message without double-checking the forum category. I’ll re-post in “Cubase 7”.

Thanks again.