Cubase 8 crashes when uploading a Project

Dear Cubase Users and Masters,

Im working on a project, almost finished but suddenly I cannot load it and cubase keep crashes when channels are loaded.

I don’t know what can cause this problem, I have made so far 15 different saves as a back up during the process, But since the problem occurred I tried to load previous saved file of the project, but it didnt worked as well.
Only when I got back to one of the first saved file, it worked, but all the progress, the project is unreachable any more.
I have even updated the Cubase 8.0.35 64Bit to 8.0.40 64 Bit but still unfortunately no success.

My gear: Macbook Pro 2013 Retina 15’ OSX El capitan 10.11.5, I7 2.3Ghz , 16GB.
Sound card: Roland quad capture .
3rd party vst’s used in the Project: Serum, Massive, Fabfilter complete bundle.

Please help me, Its frustrating because I don’t even know what causes the problem.

Many thanks!


Most often, this is a plug-in issue. Try to remove all (used) 3rd party plug-ins from the VST3 folder, then start Cubase and load the project, please.