cubase 8 dongle

hello, i have the licence and dongle for cubase 8 and wave lab elements.
i want to run the two programs on two computers at the same time in the studio.
is it possible to buy a second dongle with the same licence ?
Thanks, Roland

Hi and welcome,

No, you need to buy a new license for this. You can use one license on the only one computer at the time. Then you can quit the application and move your license to another computer. But not use it at the same time at multiple computer.

…or if what you really meant was that you want to run WL on one machine and Cubase on another, then that’s very possible. Just get a new dongle and transfer one license to it.



thanks for the information.
the WL on one and Cubase on the other is already serving one issue.
anyway seems i need a second licence for cubase 8 because we are two people working seperately on the same projects.
how much is an additional licence for cubase 8, is there a special deal, as it is the second purchase?


Unfortunately, there is no additional (second) Cubase licence available in the Steinberg shop system. You have to order completely new licence.