Cubase 8 EDU "disc 2 " problem

Hi everybody
first i am sorry for my bad english
my operating system windows 7 64 bit ultimate edition.
my computer is Clevo P177sm model laptop . i7 processor and 16Gbyte ram. 240 Gbyte SSD
All drivers,directx,graphic card drivers are installed.

i buy my new cubase 8 EDU edition (2 days ago)
and i open my box
and start to installation
first ask to get updates and i agree this updates
setup process is progress and i get this screen ( look additional picture file )

"please insert the disc : installation disc 2 " but disc 2 inserted already

my DVD drive is new,lens is clean and may be i use it 20-30 times (so few )

i look 2nd CD’s surface and CD is clean dont have any scratch.

Finally i try different CDs and get same warning

i can see cubase 8 logo on my desktop (i look inside of concerned cubase folders in program files and everthing seen normal )

i try to start it but when i double click to logo i get immediately crash screen

“Program terminate stopped” error,windows want to send error report

What is wrong ?

Help me please


i think i find 64bit cubase8’s crash causation

mainly this is windows (VFP) vector float point error and many 64bit softwares can make this error.

i look some forums about this error ( c000001d ) and when i install sp1 for win7 64bit i can solve this problem

i will try it.Now i am working on it.