Cubase 8 Elements Activation

Hi there!

I have some serious problem with Cubase 8 Elements Activation.
Last year i purchased Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface with Cubase AI LE 8.
So i have instaled it and used activation codes. Didn’t used it so much so i have deleted it from my computer.
But yesterday i have decided to purchase upgrade from AI LE 8 to Elements which was 49.99 Euros to be specific.
Now i have a serious problem since i can’t use elicenser and activation codes anymore.
This eLicenser number and activation code has already been registered by another user?
So it didn’t upgraded from AI LE to Elements.
What am i doing wrong here?
I tried to contact Steinberg support but it doesn’t allow me since i don’t have activated software (as said it has been used by another user).
How is this even possible?

Thanks for your respond in advance!

Hi and welcome,

First, you have to make your Cubase AI license visible on your system.

If you have already eLCC installed and the license is not here, try to go thru the Reactivation process, please.

Hi, thanks for your respond

I have already fixed the issues and did exactly what you have wrote.

Great DAW by the way and i am really happy with it :slight_smile:

i Reinstald windows on the desktop but cubase will not strart Requesting a new activation code for a registered license its saying s but it need to work to day

Hi and welcome,

Follow the Reactivation process,please.