Cubase 8 Elements - audio in musical mode w/o stretching

I am a returning customer (I was using Cubase back in the days with version SX 3)…
Now I purchased Cubase 8 Elements and I am unable to find what it seems a basic feature for me.

I would like to load audio tracks and keep “tempo matching” to the master tempo track but I don’t want the tracks to use the algorithms to “stretch” the sound to keep the pitch of the original track (Musical , Solo , etc.).

I simply would like Cubase to recognize the BPM of the track and modify the pitch of audio tracks like a turntable would do when I change the tempo of the project.

I am really stuck on this because even if I choose to modify the duration of a sample I am obliged to use a stretching algorithm !

Any help would be appreciated :smiley: