Cubase 8 Elements: No Meter Bridge in MixConsole?

Hi Everybody,

To cut the long story short:
I have downloaded a Trial Elements 8.
There seems no option to activate Meter Bridge in MixConsole.
Here’s a screen shot:

Checked older treads, found something similar, says there is a bug to be fixed…
Is this still an issue, even after 8.0.20 Update?

Considering to upgrade my Elements 7… but that stopped me from immediate action :slight_smile:
Cheers and thanks!


it is planned to enable the Meter Bridge with the 8.0.30 update.

Kind regards,

Thanks Fabio!
Much appreciated!

Uggg. I just upgraded to Cubase 8 Elements from 5. Many years have I been using five. This ruins my life a little. When is the predicted scheduled roll out of next update? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: