Cubase 8 Elements - Tempo Mapping and Time Synching Audio

Hi All,

20 years ago I was a Digital Performer user and had great results with tempo mapping and time synching pre-recorded audio with the tempo map, inserting loops and what have you. I’m getting back into DAW work after such a long time and Cubase 8 Elements is what I’m using.

So I have recorded the band in audio tracks and there are tempo problems; I’d like to tempo map the audio and alter the tempo, locking the audio to the tempo track. I have spent days searching around for the answer for the method(s) to accomplish this and the version(s) of Cubase required to no avail. So my questions are:

  • Is this in any way possible in Cubase 8 Elements?
  • If yes, how is it done?
  • If not, what version of Cubase do I need to do this?

Note - If I need to upgrade, due to cost I would prefer to only have to go to Artist, if there is any way to do the this time warp/map/shift, even if it’s semi-manual compared to methods found in Pro.

Thanks for your help.

Time Mapping of Audio - What version of Cubase Needed??

Bump. Sorry keep harping on this but the info I have found is conflicting; some ref. Material show time warping available in elements but I can’t find it in my version.

Same is true of “Pitch correct”. Cheers,