Cubase 8 Elements VST Instrument Display issue

I made the decision to test out cubase. I use EAST/WEST sounds with my current DAW and was testing out the performance of them with this DAW. I downloaded the Cubase 8 Elements trial and put my play_VST.dll in the correct folder and started adding vst tracks. However after I add a couple of tracks this starts to happen to me:

I know am still new to Cubase but is this a problem with the East/West VST plugin or is this an issue with Cubase? I only ask because this never happened to me in my other daw.

Here are my system specs:
Windows 8.1 (64bit)
16GB of RAM
Intel I5 3570k
(cubase is running on a HDD that doesn’t have the OS on it).

thanks again for the input!

White plugin windows suggests the application is running out of memory.
Check you’re running 64bit Cubase and not 32bit so you have access to all your ram.

This ended up being the solution. I don’t know why it didn’t click with me before! I uninstalled the 32 bit version and reinstalled the 64 bit version and it’s working great now! Thanks!