Cubase 8 ELicenser key registration


I’ve broken my ELicenser key for my Cubase 8, and I ordered and got a new ELicenser key.
I went to to register my new ELicenser key but I have a problem of not being able to link it to my Cubase program. I tried to delete my former registered ELicenser key at the “Register ELicenser/Software” site, but the new ELicenser will still not link to my Cubase 8 that I have installed on my Macbook Pro.

Can someone please tell me how to do this? Was it wrong of me to delete the old ELicenser from the list at mySteinberg?

Thank you!


please check this out, it describes the whole procedure:

The broken eLicenser needs to be registered, but it’s not a big deal, I re-registered it to your account.
(if you have issues, send me a PM!)


Thank you, Fabio Bartolini! This seems to be working well!