Cubase 8 Export Audio Mixdown Mono tracks are -3db hotter!

Hello… trying to export tracks out of Cubase to mix in another DAW and would prefer the tracks come into the new DAW at the same level that they were printed in Cubase. Seems to work fine with stereo tracks but mono audio tracks come out -3db hotter than they were tracked. (ie. peak at -12dB in Cubase, peaks at -9dB in any other DAW) Am I exporting incorrectly? Please send help.


Could it be you are using a different PAN LAW on each DAW ?

Both DAW’s are set for -3dB pan law…

How exactly are you exporting?

Export; Audio Mixdown; Select the channel for export with a check in the box; Check the mono downmix box for mono files…

And if you reimport to Cubase is it the level you’d expect?

What is the other DAW?

Have not tried to re-Import to Cubase… I could try that… I’m importing into Pro Tools…