Cubase 8 External Fx Question

Hi all

This might have been asked already somewhere but searching all posts would take forever :question:

Cubase 8 External Fx can be setup as Stereo or Mono for one outboard unit, say my Compressor!
the thing is in some sessions I would like to use the same stereo comp as two mono’s, say one for kick drum and other for snare drum.

but when you set it up in the vst settings its greyed out the channels used. ( I/O already in use )

is there a way to have it set so I can choose stereo or mono’s in the vst list (left and right) without having to change out the O/I channels in the vst fx section

Thanks in advance

In the VST connections set up window for external effects, I usually create three plugins. One stereo, and two mono. If I’m using a compressor as “stereo”, I leave the two mono channels unassigned in the connections window. When I want to use separate mono channels, I just hit F4 to go back into the connections window, unassign the stereo channels, and assign the mono channels. I do wish there was a better way. This is the best I’ve been able to figure out so far.



Couldn’t the Routing Editor help you in your case?