cubase 8 fonts

:angry: :angry: i dont want to complain but enough is enough… can you please… please… get rid of these blotched looking fonts… they are not clear… and look worst than 7.5…
instead of coming up with all these so called " ground breaking new features " why not do something easy like:

  1. better fonts or let us pick our own
  2. clear up the GUI
  3. add a little 3D look to the GUI
    its really bad when a cheap free plugin’s GUI, looks better than the $400.00 program its used in… im really thinking about jumping ship to a new program… you guys are taking us fateful users for granted… i really feel that way and im getting tired of looking at that screen…

Another thing. I wish Cubase would store these fonts in a special location, so that they not clog up the Font menu in other programs.

See the thing is that design, like a lot of things, is dependant upon the preferences of the beholder. I have to say that I do not agree with you. Taking the mixer as an example, in Cubase 6 was more 3d however was not fully scale-able. I would far rather be able to adjust to fit the screen that the 2 scales available in 6. I happen to like it simple and uncluttered. If this is your main complaint about Cubase you are doing better than a lot of users.

I am far keener to be getting on with the music than be distracted by a cluttered background. Perhaps you need to make more music and ponder the screen less. :laughing:

My only complaint about the font is that it is too small.

You know I am a bit fed up with all the retro designed software that makes it look as though it is a refugee from the 50’s or 60’s. Not that some of them don’t look nice. However, I would much rather the individuality of the FabFilter approach.
You obviously have not spent time in a Pro Tools environment, or else for your own protection you have erased it from your memory.

For all it’s faults, and there do seem to be a few at the moment, Cubase is a far more comprehensive program than its competitors in nearly all respects. “If” Steinberg can deliver us solutions to the main problems it is facing it will be unbeatable. Unfortunately Steinberg does have a habit of shooting itself in the foot. :unamused:

To see the fonts better it mostly helps to raise the gamma setting of yor screen and / or change the colour temperature.

i respect the points that you took the time to leave, i never said cubase was a bad program… i ve used it since the 90’s but better looking GUIs wont take that much pwr to reproduce… especially in this day and time seeing that a lot of you have i7s… but the fact remains the screens could look better, the fonts should be user changed, you like what you like, i like and others like what they like… and not to mention the Grey. i did the upgrade, but i dont use it, ill use 7.5…