Cubase 8 freeze when enabling cubase IC


I want to enable Cubase IC in the device menu under device setup.

I can click + and enable the Steinberg SKI remote, and then I can see my cubase computer on on the Cubase IC Pro on my IPAD, but at the same time Cubase 8 freezes totally :frowning:

I have the newest itunes on my computer and Apple bonjour enabled in the firewall.
Im on windows 7, 64 bit.
Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.10

What do to? I this bug known in Cubase 8?

Best regards

I have just tried this also on Cubase 7.5 and same result :frowning: cubase frezes when I try to enable the Steinberg SKI remote. Have tried with SKI remote version (for IC Pro) and also (for IC 1.0.2)
In both instances CUbase 7.5 and Cubase 8 locks and freezes and I have to shut down using ctrl-alt-delete :frowning:((

Its some time ago i have had problems and used the forum, will Steinberg follow up on questions/post here or do I have to write elsewwhere to get answer?

Best regards.