Cubase 8 freezes after Windows 10 update...

Hey, what’s up!? So, I just bought a new All-In-One Lenovo computer, and I’m using it only to record my music.
I have one month with it, and here’s the thing…

I’ve installed Cubase 8 LE AI Elements, and other Software that I either bought or got from buying gear, (i.e. an usb interface) and everything was fine. But, now, after a new and recent update from Windows 10, Cubase isn’t the same. First, the license was “outdated” or something, then I’m missing some “FCP_SMT_001_Cubase” files, 004 and 005, to be exact from the VST Sound folder. By the way, Where can I download them?

  • And here’s the worst part…

Today, I was recording and programming stuff and it started to freeze when I was trying to save, open a new project, load or change a new VST.
It happened just a couple of times, but why? How can I fix it? Do I have to re-install everything? (I hope not) :neutral_face:
What can I do? Everything else, other software and stuff is working great.

I hope somebody here can help me out with this issue.
Anyway, thanks for reading.


I would recommend you to uninstall and reinstall Cubase (as an Administrator) from the Full Installer, and then update to the very latest Cubase 8. version (8.0.40?). The missing files will be installed with the Full Installer. And might happen even the rest will be fixed.

Also run eLCC application as an Administrator and trigger Maintenance.

I would also recommend to make sure all of your (3rd party) plug-ins are up-to-date.

Why? Some Windows updates silently overwrite some registers and change the Windows settings. This could affect other (any) applications.