Cubase 8 freezes (crashes) during the audio mixdown


I’m running Cubase 8.0.0 Build 397 (64bit) on Windows 7.

As my project grown, at one moment I couldn’t do the audio mixdown (into .wav) anymore.

The mixdown dialog pops up, does its thing and goes to 100% (in a few minutes time), however it freezes the app there.

The .wav file is created, but isn’t playable.

I tried to export a shorter part of the song; this time I got the .wav (without freezing the app), however some tracks were missing (and the message about VST Bridge popped up, and later there was no VST sound, so restart was needed).

Could you please take a look at this?


I have the very same problem on windows 7. Crashes during exports. Real time and others…
I had my audio-PC checked online by my manufacturer, it’s fine and worked great with cubase 5!!
Now, after the swith to 8 it merely sucks… I might have to work with 5 again since I was also told that projects done with earlier versions don’t transfer well?