Cubase 8 Full Installer No Longer Available

Hoping someone can with this.

Doing a clean install on new machine and want to install both cubase pro 8 and 8.5. But after upgrading to 8.5, I no longer see the download link for 8 in my products/download page. Only 8.5 is available now.

Where can I get the full installer for Cubase pro 8? This time I’ll be sure to make a copy!

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.


Would this work?


Indeed, link not available…


Thank you both for your replies.

Still looking for a solution, sent a support ticket regarding this. Waiting for Steinberg response. Ideas, anyone??

just wanted to bump this to keep it going. Still waiting for Sternberg to reply and still looking for a solution.
Anyone have any ideas??

I would appreciate any help/advice.