Cubase 8 has installed CurveEQ


I have Cubase Pro 8 on my main desktop computer and have recently upgraded Cubase Elements 7 to Cubase 8 on my laptop.

Last night I noticed that Curve EQ had been installed even though it is not licenced with Cubase 8 and when trying to insert an instance it hangs Cubase. It also causes a hang when performing a scan using the plugin manager. I can deactivate the plugin in the manager which removes it from visibility but it still tries to scan the plugin on performing a scan.

I have checked but not seen it in the list of reported issues. If someone could please confirm I would be most grateful. I haven’t supplied computer details as it didn’t seem relevant although in due course I will add them to my signature.

Kind regards

Richard Herbert

p.s. forgot to add this is on Windows 8.1