Cubase 8 - Image construction error only for processed files

Hello everyone,

I have an unusual problem that just happened like this, with no updates, no new installations… nothing…

First of all :
Windows 7 familial edition 64bits on a good PC machine (no UC issues etc)
i run everything as an admin with all kind of permissions
No internet connection

So here it is, i have problems with the waveform image from any kind of audio files i would process in the project (reverse etc)
It happens as in new projects but also in existing ones…

*If the sample is alone in the project (one use), then after processing, the wave form stays the same in the arranger but will appear good in the sample editor

*If it’s one of many and i want to make it unique, after processing i click on make a new version,
but then i have this message : " image construction error " that appears on the audio sample window where should be the wave form (as in the arranger, as in the sample editor and also in the pool)

In both case, if then i choose to boucne this files containing the image construction error, well, the waveform will appears… (this is a temporary solution for now… but it will make the project way more heavy)

In the end it looks like Cubase cannot manage some kind of automatic boucning of processed audio files (as i don’t have this issues for recorded (internal or external) or bounced audio files

i checked that all the read/write permissions were good
I tried to move and delete the peak files in the image folder of the project, so cubase had to reconstruct them automatically when opening the project… no succes
i tried to move and delete the TEMP files from my OS… no sucess
i tried to reinstall cubase… no sucesss :open_mouth:

I really hope that someone could help with this, i’ve talking around with some producers and noboby has any other clue (peak files or OS permissions seems to be the first thing that comes up in people’s minds)

Thanks for reading and all the best !!