Cubase 8 Insert New vst's problem

Hi guys !
i got a little problem with cubase 8.
I got manny new vst’s i want to use in cubase 8.
so to insert new vsts i go to DEVICES —> PLUG-IN INFORMATION and next to update normally the button to insert new map’s from new vsts is gone :S :S so i c’ant insert new vst’s :S
Is there someone who can help me with this ? ? ?
i allready search in general options bud i c’ant seem to find it :S
Hope someone can help me
Anthony :unamused: :nerd: :question: :question:

so its next to UPDATE VSTx2Path button is gone :S

C8 scans and updates vst’s at startup

It’s still there in the plugin manager, it’s a little symbol somewhere down in the right corner, look good!

huuh little simbol i d’ont see this :smiley: hmm i d’ont know i d’ont think that cubase scan for new vst’s or have the vst’s be in a map or something? yeah its fuckied up i got a new vst i want to use :smiley:

Ok, have a little patience, when i’m able to start CUbase I will make a screenshot, just wait and see :slight_smile:

plugin manager / show settings / recycle

Is this what you are looking for?

Red circle is what to press to bring up the plugin settings
Green circle is what to press to rescan your plugin paths.

Hope that helps.
Cb8 Plug Path Settings.JPG

jes i found it bud now everytime i load maps intro that and i do scan than cubase 8 blocks :S also when im want to start a track cubase says that the vst’s i use are not found :S :S so i have to select them over and over again and when i hit the scan button it blocks :S :S fucking nightmare :S

Yep happend to me, find the VST which crashes the scan proces, remove it and C8 will probably load. Though it is strange that cubase loads fine and when you do a rescan of plugins it crashes, weird!