Cubase 8 Install Update Problem


Just got Cubase 8. Installed it from the Web Download. Allowed installer to download the latest update during install.

When allowing the installer to do this, it does appear to mount the update dmg and install… However, once completed (and it shows it has installed successfully), only the sound libraries (/Library/App Supp/Steinberg/*) are installed. There’s no /Applications/ at all.

If I install with the same installer and do not allow it to update, it installs fine and I get my

Mac OS X 10.10.4 MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009)

Haven’t attempted applying the update separately yet as the download from the webpage is crawling (which is odd as the installer downloading the same update flew, in fact, I might have the installer download it for me and go find the dmg in the temp folder, mount it myself and install it then cancel the original installer before it proceeeds…)

Anyone else had this? I left it installing on my Mac Pro at the studio as well (running Mavericks) – I’ll see when I get there tomorrow if this is reproduce-able there, however, I’ve reproduced it on my MBP 3x this eve.



So I came into the studio today, logged into my user and the installation (probably paused as I was at the login screen for some reason) finished as I logged in (this is on the Mac Pro) and the updated version did appear in Applications and runs.

As I said I was able to reproduce this 3 times on my Mac Book Pro - and now trying to install the update, it wants a full 13GB free to install, my laptop has an SSD so I don’t have a ton of space but there’s about 5gb free anyhow - though as I said the installation did complete “Successfully” every time with the update on my laptop.