Cubase 8 LE from a laptop to a new PC...

Hey, what’s up?

So, here is what happened:

My laptop “died” a few months ago, and I’m buying a new pc next month. I have Cubase 8 LE from a bundle with a Scarlett interface, and my question is, should I re-install Cubase on my new computer or just connect the Hard drive of my old laptop via usb to the new computer and use it like that? I mean, is that possible?
I mean, it’s already installed and everything on that laptops hard drive, will it work?

The thing is that I have several projects saved on that laptop’s hard drive and I don’t know if I can access them just by connecting the hard drive or re-installing the software. I don’t want to loose any audio files and stuff, and start over, again.
That’s why I’m asking.

Hope I’ve made myself clear.
I hope somebody can help me out with my question.
Anyway, thanks for reading.


If you will run another Windows installation, you will need install Cubase again to the new system and reactivate your Cubase license.

But no worry, you can load the projects from your external drive.