Cubase 8 Mac / Accessing Multiple Audio Devices

Hello folks!
I recently purchased the Roland JP-08 synth, and it has the fun little feature of being USB powered, as well as having the audio capable of transferring via the same USB cable.

My question is essentially… is there a way to configure Cubase 8 (on the mac) to have access simultaneously to my 8 Channel Presonus Firestudio AND the USB connection from my Roland (which is listed as ‘Boutique’ in the available audio drivers) ?

I didn’t know if perhaps the answer may lie in the Cubase Control Room (which I’ve never dealt with to date).

thanks in advance!


Aggregate Device is not supported and recommended for Cubase. See for example this article.

Oddly I get this error without aggregate devices but only once in a while so I don’t think that’s completely the issue.

Hi Martin
This link is only a (possible)fix for a specific issue.
I’ve never seen any official statement that aggregate devices are not recommended though would agree it’s unlikely they would be supported. Apologies if I’m wrong…but do you have any other evidence to back up this claim?

You are right, I don’t know about any official statement, which would say, Aggregate Device is not supported. At the other hand, I remember, there were some issues related to the Aggregate Device (unfortunaltey again, I don’t have any exact link, how to proof this).

So definitely, this is the way, how to “glue” multiple Audio Devices on Mac. Just be watchful.

Thanks for clarification Martin.
Just wanted to be sure I hadn’t been advising people to do something Steinberg had specifically said not to.

Thanks everyone!
The Aggregate Device ‘works’ enough for now. It covered the JP-08 Issue I was having (which is great!) but for some bizarre reason, my Blue Snowball USB Mic (which is part of my aggregate device) doesn’t show up in cubase anywhere. Strange!

Thanks again for the tips!

Have seen many reports of issues aggregating snowball. Try making it the first device you select in the aggregate setup.
If that doesn’t work get a proper mic and preamp :wink:

I used to co-own a Jupiter 8 many years ago and am very tempted by the JP08. How are you finding it?

Hey Grim.
Thanks for the info!

The snowball was just sitting on my desk for Skype but I thought I would see if it would work simultaneously. :slight_smile: I don’t actually use that thing for recording!

The JP-08 is fun… I’ve got the Juno-106 in hardware and the Jupiter-8v in software… and this little baby sounds great to me! It lacks the arpeggiator function … so no instant Duran Duran songs from this one :frowning:

It’s fun to program… sounds great over the studio monitors and has full range via MIDI… no complaints from me! (Not to mention it takes up about the same space on my desk as a legal pad!)

Thanks for the info… I’ll give it a try.

Here with an Agregated Device (YSFW+RME) and I haven´t yet serious problems. A practical approach is change your audio device according to your current job. In my case: record+composing with AD and mixing with RME.

How did you manage to record audio the jp-08 in Cubase with the usb cable?