cubase 8 needs aero peek-now I can't overclock ??

An interesting new problem. I have enabled aero peek in Windows 7 64bit (which Cubase needs) but when I overclock my AMD 3600 to 4.4Ghz it switches Aero Peek off - meaning Cubase 8 will not load. Any ideas, anyone ? Many thanks

Aero and aero peek are not the same thing. You just need aero, not aero peek. Still strange though… can you not turn it back on?

What do you mean “it” switches Aero peek off? A software program? Or do you overclock from within the BIOS?

Ok. Here’s what’s happening so far. If I try to overclock using the AMD Overdrive facility, the ‘Aero Peek’ and ’ Enable Desktop Composition’ disappear from the ‘Appearance’ menu under Advanced System Settings. If I create a new Aero Theme the above do not appear in the ‘Appearance’ menu. I have read of other ways of turning Aero back on but have not tried these yet.