Cubase 8 on 10.8.5 --> 10.10.3

Hi all,

Background: I’ve been told over and over again by Steinberg that Cubase 8 isn’t “officially” supported on 10.8.5, but I’ve had nothing but success (after figuring out ASIO-guard and buffer issues with certain plugins). It’s been super stable-ish and I only have a couple crashes every month, so I suppose I’ll take that as a win considering I can work problem-free most days.

Background 2: It is both exciting and saddening that I’ve come across an opportunity to do some new work, but it will have to be in Logic X (I have to, no choice) and will need to upgrade my system to Yosemite to make Logic compatible.

Crux: Just a quick question-I’m curious if anyone has updated from 10.8.5 to 10.10.3 (I think that’s the latest version) while using Cubase 8. I’m still on 8.0.10 (.20 freaks me out after hearing all the issues people are having). When I updated my laptop from 10.8 to 10.10 My applications folder dissappeared, and thank GOD that wasn’t a work computer, because it was completely unusable for a month. I freaked out.

All said, I’m super nervous so I’m just curious if my laptop was a random accident or if people have had similar issues when upgrading OSes. Is Cubase 8.0.10 stable on Yosemite?