Cubase 8 Performance Test Video

I just did a simple performance test video of Cubase 8. You have to watch it. NOT GOOD!

Only 1 VST instrument plugin instantiated.

See my post below----

I have discovered that it wasn’t Cubase at all. It was the particular VST plugin, Rob Papen Blue II and the particular patch that apparently is a MASSIVE CPU sucker, cause it is behaving exactly the same in Cubase, Logic, and Pro Tools…

My sincerest apologies

I must ask, do you have any clue what a ‘buffer setting’ is?

I am going to bet you just enjoy being negative…

Anyway, the reason you are seeing this and wasting time making a video is because you have no clue what you are doing.

Good luck with that.

Something is not right obviously. I use the systems listed below and with quite large projects I’ve never seen VST greater than 35%. The lower drive stat barely even registers.

Hey there, Jimmy! You are a hoot man. I am being negative? Do I know what a buffer setting is? You obviously have no idea who you are talking to… I will give you that though, you didn’t know. Anyway, yeah I know what a buffer setting is. I have been an electronic music producer for 20 years and am also an Apple certified tech, I could drop names of artists that I have worked with that I am sure you would know, but I am not that guy. Let’s just say, yeah I know my way around computers and DAWs. Anyway, you really stuck your foot in your mouth! Do some guys just enjoy being jerks? As it turns out, I had just logged back in here to report the “good” news that I found out. It IS NOT Cubase at all… It is that particular VST and that particular patch. I happen to know Rob Papen and am contacting him to let him know he needs to trim the fat so to speak. Now back to you, Jimmy… I have been a beta tester for a few software companies. I tried every buffer setting, every ASIO setting, etc… I ALWAYS do when testing. Where I screwed up (and apologize for it) is I did the video prematurely before testing that exact same setup in Logic and Pro Tools. It is acting exactly the same in all 3 DAWs. So, that is where I screwed up, but to login here to correct myself and apologize and find a jerky response calling me essentially dumb and “negative” was messed up! You NEVER know who might be on the other side of a phone or computer screen. I learned that the hard way many times long long ago by doing just what you did, which was jumping the gun. I am man enough to come back on and say oops, I made a mistake. Are you man enough to come on and apologize for being a jerk? I am relieved actually that Cubase is running neck in neck performance wise with the other guys! I am glad I was wrong. At least there is something like me out here taking the time to do real world testing. Don’t you think you should be thanking me for taking the time to start initiating these tests? I see so many “noobs” (which apparently you thought I was) on here saying Cubase 8’s performance sucks big time… I hope to either confirm or deny this, really more so deny…


and PS, did you see my other post on the Chord Pads? Cause it is definitely a GUI bug.


I thought your initial post (before you edited it) stated the performance problem was exclusive to C8 and not with the other DAWs. Or did you state that in the video dialog?
“Real world testing” ?


I run Rob Papen plugs a ton (especially) in Logic and PT, and had never see such CPU abuse before that particular patch… That is why I went ahead and made the video right away, before I went and tested the same synth and patch on Logic and PT, that was my mistake and what I apologized for. I was literally shocked to see the CPU meter taking such a beating lol…

Note to self (and anyone else using RP synths). If you use patch Bank 1 009, BOUNCE FOR GOD’s SAKE! LOL :wink: