Cubase 8 Performance with VSTi's and VSTs

I have a number of projects in Cubase 8 that I simply cannot continue due to performance problems.

On the same system, Cubase 7.5 is a lot better for performance than C8.

Would anyone be willing to look at the C8 project, and see what the performance is like on their system?

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.


Do you have the same settings in both Cubase versions? Mainly selected driver, Buffer Size, ASIO Guard setup (there are new options for the ASIO Guard in Cubase 8)…?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I have exhausted the combinations of buffer size and asio guard settings trying to improve this problem in C8. I can certainly make it worse, but no better.

I have tried with both my Steinberg UR22 (USB) and the Focusrite Firewire Saffire Pro 14.

What Graphics card are you using? Lots of people reporting graphic card issues on this case.

Also if you deactivate the track when selecting it, does the project run now? An armed track removes it from Asio Guard for playing in, if you have tight buffer settings, this will put the demand back on your Cpu/Asio, (my description might be inaccurate).

Did the project run in Cubase 7.5 with Asio guard off. Test a project with it off in both, with the buffer set the same. Asio Guard is different now. If you still get considerably better performance in 7.5 I’m guessing it might be a graphics issue with the new windows handling.

I’ve tried a low-end card, the internal Intel HD 4600 and an nvidia GTX 760 2GB. The nVidia made a very slight difference, but it was very, very slight.

Do you mean armed for recording? If so, it makes no difference to this problem (sadly) :-\

I’m am still stuck with it and it is preventing me from getting on

People are complaining about nvidia

Although my nvidia card doesn’t seem to be giving me this level of problems. I’m yet to discover if it was the problem and my trial has ran out.