Cubase 8 Performance

I am still having performance issues with Cubase 8 with VSTi’s.

It’s :imp:

In particular, when I used Kontakt 5 and Halion Sonic SE and other VSTi’s in one project. With a few instruments, VST inserts, fx channels and sends, I run into issues very quickly that limit what I can do. I’ve pretty much had enough of this. Ok, my PC isn’t the best in the world, but it’s no slouch either. I just don’t get this problem with Sonar but I don’t enjoy using Sonar tbh.

It’s 2015 and these VSTi’s exist to be used and we should be able to use Kontakt & Halion Sonic with lots of instruments loaded without issue. If it can be done in Sonar…

From a musical point of view, it hinders workflow, and restricts creativity too. I don’t want to freeze tracks when I’m writing a piece with many parts.

And something on this has bugged me for a few weeks…

With some projects, I have set ‘Activate Multi Processing’ to OFF. The performance meter seems to stop registering usage then in Cubase 8 then. However, the sound changes, but I have not been able to identify what it is that is changing or happening in Cubase 8 when this is disabled. There seems to be less reverb but all the channels are on and working still in the mixer. There is a definite change in the sound, though.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Thank you.

My issues with Kontakt were specific to the Plugin Alliance plugins, once I removed those my Kontakt issues went away, since then Kontakt has been fine

Diff from above is I do not use Plugin Alliance plugins - hope you resolve this or someone can help must be frustrating.

one template I created uses around 4-6 instances of Kontakt with multiple instances of NI Session strings, Project Sam, Spitfire libraries x5 or more all having their own channels routed from Kontakt - multiple outs up to 16 for each instance of Kontakt, Garritan Orch, Omnisphere 16 out, Halion 16 outs and let’s just say over 6 other VIs, all with inserts loaded with at least a couple of effects on each one - it could go up to over 150+tracks if i add more- (i usually trim back the channel count)… in addition to group tracks, sidechained channels and effect tracks- not going to go through the whole thing.

just saying how much can be squeezed out of cubase for some … some get waaaay more out of cubase - i have seen 300 tracks etc. if I get an issue it’s usually plugin related.

Not mine… I don’t use any PluginAlliance plug-ins

I had no spike issues at all - then I was forced to reinstall Komplete and then from then onwards I’ve had spiking issues - so there’s clearly something very subtle (and presumably curable) going on here - I’ll be damned if I can find it.

Why not try this utility, it may shed some light on what’s crashing or if you have a wonky driver, see here:

Good luck.

Still got major problems with Cubase and VSTi / VST performance


For info, I installed the latest Cubase 8 update. Unfortunately, that did not help with the problems I am experiencing.

However, having looked at the version history/update documentation, I could not see anything that would suggest the update would make any difference.

I really need to have a solution for this.