Cubase 8 - Playback of MIDI / plugin randomly obscurs notes

Hey guys - I recently purchased the uprgrade from cubase 7.5 to cubase 8.5, and all seems decent so far, but having some extremely annoying glitches for some reason, this being when i playback a MIDI section for a plugin synth, sometimes it will just randomly play a mash of notes in some sort of MIDI glitch, until i stop/start about 5-10 times before it corerects itself. This has only just ever happened to me since the upgrade to 8.5, so i know its not a hardware issue my end or anything like that.

Would love to hear if this is a common fault and easily fixed as it’s happening too often to ignore right now!! :open_mouth:

Thanks people!!


Hi and welcome,

Increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please.

Hey there and thanks! :slight_smile:

Great thanks for the response, I’ll try that out, I’ll post back here again if it keeps happens again!


Seems to have done the trick, thanks again for the help! :smiley: