Cubase 8 plugins with win7 to win10 upgrade

Using cubase 8.
My pc is having trouble upgrading from 7 to 10, before I buy a new hd to do a fresh win10 install how difficult is it to move cubase over along with all plugins as it is?

Can i copy the plugins folder from c/progfiles/cubase & just drop it into the new folder once i reinstall cubase 8 on the new hd?

Or will i have to reinstall plugins from disks/executables?

If you want to copy your existing system disk to a new larger drive, the way to do it is to clone the disk. There are a lot of utilities out there to do this. I use the Free version of EaseUS Backup for both cloning and regular daily backups.

I dont want to clone, I just want to be sure the plugins associated with cubase 8 aren’t lost in the operating system upgrade. The upgrade isnt going smoothly so I’m expecting to do a fresh install of win 10. Trying to determine if there is a file chain I can drag/drop into the new cubase program files to have plugin packs in tact. Not sure I know where all my plugin disks/exe’s are.

If you are installing stuff on a totally new system, then it needs to be reinstalled not copied. Installing a program or plug-in does more than just sticking files in specific location, such as making registry changes. The installer knows what it needs to do, most of us don’t.