Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.5

On the Melodyne website, it states that Melodyne has been tested on Cubase 8.0.5 … has that version been released yet?


We have tested the latest versions of Melodyne editor, assistant and essential with the following configurations:
Cubase 8.0.5 (64-bit) under Windows 7 and 8.1, OS X 10.10.1

Source: Melodyne DAW compatibility
(click the "Cubase tab)

i guess they dont realize they would probably have a 2nd wave of sales if they released a stable update befor xmas to target all the potential buyers waiting for a stable release. :unamused:

Well my £82 is sitting in my wallet waiting to be spent on Cubase Pro 8.

But only once SB have released an update to deal with issues that are non negotiable for me, like
Auto-hide task bar working, always on top working for Kontakt 5 etc, memory leaks and some basic Windows GUI things.

As soon as 8.05 hits the servers … I’m in!

Yes, money burning hole for me too. Can’t pull trigger with the show stoppers currently floating about.

Lucky for me I must have gotten the elusive stable version of 8.0… because I haven’t had any problems so far.


Nobody mentioned stability!

I mentioned GUI issues such as auto hide task bar not working a feature I use all the time.

Always on top being an issue with Kontakt.

Are you saying your version of Cubase Pro 8.0 is allowing auto hide task bar to work and Kontakt has no issue whatsoever with always on top mode hiding the save instrument dialog box beyond the in focus window, for if you are then you truly are lucky!

I haven’t looked but has anyone spotted a demo version anywhere. That way you can evaluate before you spend your money. That way complaints can be in the proper order. ie: After one has wasted one’s money.
My advice. If you’re not sure then save your money and your peace of mind.
If you have a commercial studio of any sort then I would hold off using Cubase 8 until at least Easter for any critical productions or projects if you even have a tiny inkling of bug paranoia.

It’s stable here though, and nothing GUI wise bothers me greatly. It does what it says on the tin more or less. Saying that I doubt it’s completely bug or error free. I just haven’t come across them. Yet.
I’d definitely check Kontakt for bugs. The reason I haven’t bought it is that there are so many issues with it in use for many as far as I can gather, although it looks to be a fantastic bit of design.

C7 was so stable that I decided Steinberg’s software quality had improved to the extent that the upgrade represented little risk at a relatively small price, especially as you can have C8 and C7 installed on the same machine.

It’s not going to get any cheaper, and in some European countries the price will in fact increase due to new VAT (sales tax) regulations … so if you live in the EU and currently have a VAT rate higher than the German 19%, you should definitely buy before the end of the year!

Cubase Pro 8 is never going to be a waste of money, I use Cubase!

Plus, I’m up to date with 7.5 so the jump to Cubase Pro 8 is only the price of a pizza and a couple of pints so to speak.

I’m just waiting for a version that’s good with Kontakt as that’s one of my main sound sources.

Plus I need auto-hide task bar to work these are basic GUI things for me.

I’m just hoping 8.05 comes out whilst I’m on my Xmas break.
I’ve got two album projects starting full time in the studio from mid Jan and it would be nice to start them in Cubase Pro 8 so I have the VCA’s for mixing :slight_smile:

These two graphics issues Hardly show stoppers! The yes/no dialogue box from kontakt is always available on the task bar, it’s just a click away ATM. The increases in performance and better design, VCA’s and bounce in place are worth upgrading for by any stretch of any ones imagination!

If you have a couple of jobs coming up in january you should be running a side by side install of C8 now! I’ve no doubt the “show stopping” inconvenience of the task bar not hiding (with the Kontakt dialogue box) as well as any other windows to select at will, will soon be forgotten!

This release is fantastic, fast, sleek, stable and full of workflow speed ups is the best thing Steinberg have done for years.


I’m listening.

You paint a positive picture.

I’ll grab the upgrade tomorrow get it installed and see how it runs for me, I have a very good pro built workstation so I’m sure Pro 8 will run as best as it can.

I do need to get a feel for the VCA’s and I also like the look of the new global workspaces.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I agree. Cubase Pro 8 is amazing. Although the Kontakt dialogue box is rather annoying. I’ve been advised to turn off “Always on top” and this has fixed it (for me). No doubt the first update will adress any GUI problems!

C Pro 8 is the best Christmas present I could have bought myself and yes, I could easily drink over £82 whilst out on the town haha!


There are a few other naughty plugins around apart from Kontakt, Lexicon reverbs are one in particular, as well as the ueberschall loop tool, but as you mention, unstick the “always on top” and they’re just fine.

The only problem is, they don’t seem to be saved with that option as single plugins, but it least it’s a logged issue so hopefully be sorted in first release.

Every single time there’s a new version of Cubase I’m always amazed at how people will declare it ‘unusable’ due to really trivial things. Ok, so the task bar auto hide feature is ‘not working’. News Flash! Just press Windows Key + T and there’s your task bar. Big deal!!! Personally I prefer it this way because you don’t have the task bar popping up unwanted when you are trying to click on a Cubase feature at the bottom of the screen.

So, you’d rather not have features like Render In Place, or VCA faders, far superior window management etc etc. just because you have to press Windows Key + T a few times? Madness!

Except some of the issues noted (and confirmed) are not all that trivial, though the task bar issue perhaps is.

I like the new stuff C8 brings to the table but it’s been a bumpy ride so far and it certainly isn’t displaying the kind of rock-solid stability I was enjoying with 7.5.3 :neutral_face: I’m getting the job done, but an occasional crash or other glitch of some kind is not uncommon.

Except my clients don’t really consider crashing multiple times during a session and random performance spikes “trivial” things.

Hmm. I like the moment when recorded a great idea with a unique feel, then disabling a plugin, and in the moment of pushing that disable button, in my head there appears that question: have i saved my session? No? Cubase is one of the programs, which always crash in that moment. C4, C5, C6 and now the same in C8…

OK so today I bought Cubase Pro 8 update from 7.5.

Yep it’s a WOW.

Way way snappier on my workstation, I actually love the Areo look it needs - no issue for me.

The ASIO perfomance on my OC 4930K is amazing!!

Love, love the VCA’s (of course)

Global work spaces - yes sir.

So far MCU works perfectly.

All in all a superb x.0 release - what was I worried about!

What the hell were you worried about? :laughing:
I’m amazed at how great this update actually is.