Cubase 8 pro Analyser doesnt work in Channel Edit mode

HI People,
Since Cubase 8 is installed on my Mac im running OSX 10,9,5 my analyser doenst show up anymore… its just black…
I allready tried to erease the preferances but it did have any effect…also all the update i installed didnt solve the problem… Now i have cubase 8.10 installed…
Anybody can help?
Kostas Karagiozidis

Hi Kostas075,

I’ve seen this only once before. The issue was that, for some reason, a second “Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3” was created in a wrong location and Cubase Pro 8 doesn’t know which one to use and then it just leaves both of them out.

Try looking for that file, most probably here: “HD\Library\Audio\Plug-Ins\VST3” and then delete it.

Hope this helps!


Hallo Luis,
Thank you a thousand times…This solved my problem…

All the best.