Cubase 8 Pro Bridge error and not working properly

I have an ASUS republic of gaming laptop with 16 gigs of ram. It’s the top of the line so I know its not a hardware issue.

I have Cubase 8 Pro. I also have Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate, Cinematic Strings 2, Epic Horns by Vienna symphonic.

So I’ve been using Cubase 8 pro after installing komplete 10 ultimate just fine (relatively). However, I hadn’t gotten rounds to work because the player needed to be updated. I had updated kontakt, but cubase wasn’t using the updated one. So I started installing the update, but it didn’t give me any option to install it to the location I needed (my steinberg location). So I copied the location that it was updating it to and I copied those Kontakt files over to my Steinberg VST folder. YAY! it worked. And everything was awesome for a day! Then I get this random crash out of nowhere (it had been working fine prior to this in all ways.

Then it just came up with the “major problem” error or ‘out of memory’. One or the other happens or both happen. Ever since then it will not open any of my projects. Well, I take that back about 15% of the time it will open them, but it doesn’t matter because eventually it stops responding or a bridge error happens.

Sometimes it just stops responding and sometimes it has the bridge error. I’ve tried defragging, restarting, shutting it down and starting it back up, Uninstalling Cubase and re-installing it, Uninstall kontakt player, and cubase 8 and deleting all of the kontakt .dll files and then re-installing everything. None of it worked.

I’ve tried just starting a blank project, and inserting one vst pluggin (Cinematic Strings 2). It eventually, errors out. But it has failed to function for any length of time before I get an error or it just stops responding. Again, sometimes I get the bridge error, but I usually get the ‘no more memory’ error.

In order to reproduce this problem.
Have a perfectly fine cubase running and have a 5.9.0 kontakt player. Then, close all steinberg and kontakt programs. Then try to update kontakt to a different folder. Then drag the three kontakt files into the steinberg vst plugin folder to replace the existing kontakt files. This is when the error started happening, but it didn’t happen right off the bat.

So if someone can please help me…please please

why are you using bitbridge…surely a computer with those specs runs x64. remove and reload your NI x64 properly.

I’m not using bitbridge as far as I know. And I have removed and reloaded NIx64 properly as far as I’m aware. I uninstalled everything, and even used the microsoft uninstaller that gets rid of regedit stuff. How do I not use bitbridge?


So I deleted all of my kontakt 5 files in any 32 bit folders within the 64 bit program files. I don’t think that really did anything. I’ve been able to create very simple test projects with 1 cinematic strings instance with no real significant length of notes, and a rounds kontakt with nothing in it. That project seems to open up with a pause longer then I would like at the mix console loading point, but it opens nonetheless.

But when I try to open a much more complex project it freezes and stops responding on the progress window that says “converting” so then it’s game over. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated, as I need this fixed asap so I can enter a movie trailer competition in two days.

Thanks for all your help guys!


DLearyUS is right. If you receive a Bridge error, Cubase is definitely loading 32-bit plug-ins.

You can see which plug-ins in the Plugin Manager: they are marked with (Win32) in the VST Version column.

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Update: Ok, so I just re-looked and it’s showing kontakt as running on 32. How do I fix this?

Keep in mind. I have uninstalled and re-installed kontakt probably over 10 times. I’ve used the microsoft uninstaller to uninstall kontakt, and I’ll assure you that I never select 32 bit plugin for kontakt as the primary installation. So, something is making it go to 32 automatically (so I think). Anyways, Thank you so much for your help! I feel like I’m going in the correct direction at least! If you could provide any further advice you will get multiple thumbs up from me!

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if you moved dlls around, it might be tough (i.e. if you moved the 32-bit version and overwritten the 64-bit, you might need to re-install, but that would apply to Kontakt only in your case).

Maybe this NI article is useful, surely it is in order to understand the installation’s folder structure.

The default plug-ins paths for Cubase 64-bit are all located in C:\Program Files, please also make sure that Cubase is not scanning any C:\Program Files (x86) sub-folders

It might also be that the 32-bit and 64-bit versions reside in two sub-folders and Cubase scans the root folder, thus initializing both versions (it may happen that Cubase picks up the 32-bit version, pretty odd and not really common, but I’ve seen that happen).

Hope it is helpful.


Thanks man. I’m going to go ahead and read that link you sent. At this point I’m just feeling very hopeless lol. I mean, you would think if I uninstalled every single program and reinstalled it the problem would be eliminated.

some installers like NI install both 32/64 by default. i have found it best to create custom vst directories
vst-32 / vst-64 and point the installer to the appropriate directories. after install delete the unneccessary 32bit dll’s manually. then cubase isnt scanning unused plugs that also waste hard drive space.

ps. NI is one of these culprits lol



Yea, I did something like this and it seems to be working. It’s just the errors are so random and spontaneous I’m not sure yet. I’ll keep people updated. I’m really hoping that did it.

Also, that’s a horrible decision on their installation programming decision. Because me as someone who didn’t program the installation doesn’t know whether or not those programs are necessary or not. Actually I would always make sure that both the 32 bit folder and the 64 were the same because I thought it was necessary because that is just how the program created them.