Cubase 8 Pro crossgrade offer

Am I the only one that thinks this is a bold move from Steinberg? Do they need the “professional” users, is it a revenue thing or kicking a “dead” horse (financial troubles of Avid)?

I think it’s great, and well timed. An influx of Pro Tools users, especially business owners, can only be good for the future of Cubendo.

My sentiments exactly… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I also think it would be great if they gave an upgrade offer for existing customers. Sorry but it looks to me that this is the first time in three years there has not been an upgrade offer in August.

Just out of interest I can currently crossgrade to Samplitude Pro X2 for the same price as my Cubase upgrade. :unamused: With other companies also offering crossgrade deals surely it would be in Steinbergs interest to encourage existing customers to upgrade and stay on board?

You must have missed it like I almost did:

I don’t think so as these deals normally run two months check out these links. Plus they normally send an email to registered users and I have received nothing. Also during the month of July I was using the 30 Day Pro 8 Trial now you would have thought someone at Steinberg would have offered me something as I have been with them a good few years. :confused:

Ah… Samplitude. I used it for several years… it was one of my “affairs,” haha. It was brilliant, even then (maybe 5 or 6 years ago?). I doubt there is a DAW, save Logic, that has stock plugins as good. Truly. And there probably still is not a better DAW for AUDIO editing.

Its one problem as far as I am concerned? The same as Logic’s: limited to one platform. Thats not good for me. I want my projects EASILY transferrable across platform, anywhere in the world.

Yes, I’ve had my affairs: SONAR Pro, Samplitude, Logic Pro, Reaper, Adobe Audition and even one-nighters with Presonus and Pro-tools :open_mouth: I love to experiment with software! Still, I always come back to Cubase, LOL.

This latest version (C8PRO) is so, good, IMHO, that though the newest Samplitude tempts me from time to time… well, I’ve learned my lesson. :wink:

Now that is exactly my problem I love Cubase to and the month trial of Pro 8 was brilliant, all I want is a better upgrade price, a deal an offer. €299 way to steep for me at the moment.