Cubase 8 Pro doesn't recognize VSTs

Cubase doesn’t recognize 80% of my VSTs anymore, which is odd considering I haven’t moved any of the files or changed directories. All that shows up now are Serum and Massive, everything else (Sylenth1, Kontakt, Battery, ect) can’t be found. The weird thing is that if I load up another DAW like FL Studio or Ableton, the VSTs appear and load in just fine. Any suggestions? Cubase 8 Pro on Windows 10 (64 bit).

Did you ever find out what the problems was? I’m having similar isssue with my wave plug ins. I just downloaded updates to windows 7 and now most of my wave plug ins won’t show up. A couple of them do but these are newer ones I just purchased recently. The ones that are not showing up are all my Gold Bundle waves plug ins. I still have them on the CPU so I know they weren’t deleted but for whatever reason Cubase is not picking them up. This only happened once I ran updates to window 7. Thanks