Cubase 8 Pro - File Corruption after Mixer View Sync

First the Specs:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - latest version of the Cubase Pro - 8.02
Three computer monitors

Issue: I have experienced file corruption on two occasions whereby I am working with a lot of tracks and using the filtering and sync functions of the arranger to view specific track types (toggling visibility) etc. I have 3 LCD monitors with one dedicated to the arranger page/edit screens, the second to the mixers and the third for the master bus plug-ins.

At some point in the process of mixing various tracks, usually when syncing the mixer view to the arranger,Cubase gets scrambled and doesn’t display the information in the inspector… if I toggle various filter views (audio, midi, groups etc) on and off it will sometime give me the inspector information again, Cubase prompts me that it has crashed and asks me to save the song with a new name. ONce I restart Cubase and attempt to reload the newly named file, it will not load and Cubase crashes at the point that it is loading the mixer and cubase generates a crash log. Fortunately, I have been able to go to go to a .bak file and start over and lose only some work.

Other than this issue, Cubase is very well behaved on my system. I have done hours of edits with heavy track counts, without crashes (amazing stability) but there does appear to be some issue here.

Has this issue been noted?

The issue is persisting and is made worse by using the configuration settings in the track mixer. It appears if I avoid this function I get more stability. Anyone experiencing this issue?