Cubase 8 Pro File Management

Trying to get an handle on this early. I’m new to cubase and I want to make sure I understand this file management. All needed project resources are inside the .cpr file right?

I just backuped a project to a new directory and basically the main item there was teh cpr… with nothing in an audio directory…

I just want to make user I can move this one folder over to another location and it has all it needs from the project audio wav/ midi perspective…

Making sure there is not some unknown wave folder that if moved all of a sudden non of my audio tracks work…lol

Really the best thing to do here is to read the manual entry on the subject, so here you go (p 70):

About Project Files

A project file (extension *.cpr) is the central document in Cubase. A project file
contains references to media data that can be saved in the project folder.

We recommend to save files only in the project folder, even though you can save
them in any other location to which you have access.

The project folder contains the project file and the following folders that Cubase
automatically creates when necessary:
• Audio
• Edits
• Images
• Track Pictures

Hey pbright

The CPR contains the data for the session, not the audio files themselves. They are by default in the same folder as the cpr, in Audio.

You can still have externally referenced files, as well as files in the Audio folder, if you choose not to copy the audio files on import.

IF you want to get everything ready, open the pool (ctrl+p) and right click ‘prepare for archive’. This’ll copy into your audio folder.

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