Cubase 8 Pro IPAD Vst Connect Performer V

Using Cubase 8 Pro. 8.0.5 Build 418

Tried to connect using vst connect se 3 (version inline with Cubase Pro update to 8.05)
IPAD running VST Connect Performer Version

I generate the code and IPAD shows as Logged in. When I click Connection
Sorry connection failed: no reply. Try again later
IPAD msg prompt: Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version

I have been unsuccessful in connecting these 2 devices.
I have multiple broadband connections. Fibre and 4G Cubase connected to Fibre, IPAD connected to 4G…

Are the latest versions of VST Connect compatible with the latest version of the IPAD performer app - or have I just wasted another £3?

Thanks in anticipation…


you need version 3 of a Performer app to connect to “VST Connect SE 3” (attached to Cubase 8).

The iPad app “VST Connect Performer for iPad” version 3 will be released soon. This version will be free for all “VST Connect Performer for iPad” users. Stay tuned …

Thank you for your patience,

That’s great news thanks… I had successfully managed to connect to pc earlier so really looking forward to this update…
Could be useful to state current version on app store isn’t compatible with car in the interim.

I may need to start my own thread on this, but is the iPad version and Studio Pass up to date as of May 13 2015? I’ve just downloaded my trial of VST Connect Pro yesterday and cannot, for the life of me, get Studio Pass or Performer for iPad (both also downloaded yesterday) to connect. It gives the same error message on each device, the same as the started of this tread:

“Somebody tries to connect rot you, but uses an incompatible version”. That would be crazy to me that version 3 would be released but both the iPad and iPhone wouldn’t be able to work with it?

I really need Studio Pass to work with for my client approvals.

Any information would be MUCH appreciated!!


The Studio App is currently in Apples App Review. As soon as this hase been done, we’ll release it.

Sorry for the delay,