Cubase 8 Pro on Mac - Device Setup changes not permanent

Device Setup - I’ve set up the following:

  • Generic Remote (MPK249 Port A)
  • Quick Track Controls (MPK249 Port A)
  • VST Quick Controls (Bass Station II)

However, this seems not to be permanent. After I restart Cubase (or controllers) this configuration doesn’t seem to be picked up.
What I have to do is to toggle between MPK249 Port A to Port B and back to Port A in order for it to work.
Same for all 3 settings.

What am I missing? I’d like these settings to be permanent.



This is an known issue. You have to Save a Preset out if your settings. Then it works.

You don’t have to load the pet later or manipulate with it any how. Just the “Save Preset” stores the settings.