CUBASE 8 pro screen resolution on 4k too small

Hi, is there a way without changing video carrd screen resolution to get Cubase windows bigger?

Get a bigger screen ?

Aloha R,

You did not say what gear you are using but on my Mac
I just change the screen resolution size and everything gets bigger on the monitor.
Cubase windows included.

There must be some sort of video/monitor ‘Control Panel’ thingy etc that
does the same or similar function on your ax as well.

Good Luck!

Each of the primary Cubase windows can be maximized, minimized, or restored. Place the window(s) you want larger in the restore mode and drag them to whatever size and position you want. Save it as a template or workspace so they will be (pretty much) the same when creating new or opening existing projects.

If you want larger text then Curteye’s suggestion is the way to go.

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Maybe this KB applies to this concern?

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